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✨My clients are total babes! Sophie _sop
✨Difference a tan can make! _cltgoldengo
HUGE shoutout to my lovely client _nc30g
✨ Another client selfie from _janal_leig
Thanks to _bodybyandrea_ for taking a #b
✨Andrea _bodybyandrea_ is rocking a medi
✨I LOVE getting that text from my client
Thank you to _ashley.f
Thanks _ali_berri for the pic! So happy
Congrats to _halle_fessler for getting m
✨I love getting messages from clients ab
Thanks to the lovely Faithe of _faithest
Congratulations to this beautiful bride,
✨My special client Allison _allisongrace
#flashback to my first tanning model and
Thanks to _bodybyandrea_ for sharing her
✨The difference a tan can make! 😍♥️_._.
😍 Wedding season is my favorite time of
💕Airbrush tans that look like a real ta
✨Andrea of _bodybyandrea_ is a TRUE Wond
I love my Goddesses and their selfies in
Every girl needs a spray tan with their
My lovely client, _savvysea with my spra
Tan lines optional ✌🏽_._._
Another happy bride wearing my spray tan
✨Nothing helps your confidence like a be
Owner and tent set up
Golden Goddess spray tan
Perfect for weddings
Client wearing dark spray tan
Beautiful light tan
Dark tan
Owner of Golden Goddess, Amanda
Dark tan
Dark tan on Angela
medium spray tan
Before & After in Dark
Same day results
5 star review
Medium spray tan
Book now at 980-819-1327
Rated 5 Stars
✨Perfect GLOW✨
Competition tans available
✨G L O W✨
Can you guess who tanned with us?
Light spray tan
Dark spray tan on Sandra
Before and After
Amanda, owner, at mud facial bar
medium tan on Janal
medium tan
✨My brand, my business
dark tan
medium tan
dark tan
Before and After
medium tan
Before and After
Before and After
Wedding day glow
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Awesome next day results
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After