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We proudly use Norvell tanning solutions!


Customized Airbrush Tanning:

During your first appointment, we will match your natural skin tone to your preferred spray tan shade. Your spray tan artist can mix solutions for optimal results. We can also customize your look by tanning certain body parts more or less. Let us know if you have any tan lines to even out before your big event too!

Shades Available:

  • Light, Medium, Dark, Double Dark, & Competition Dark

  • Clear, Bronze, or Rapid Rinse 

Don't know which to choose? Ask your spray tan artist!

In order from light to dark:

  • Cosmo Light:  Cosmo Light, contains the most innovative, proprietary mix of bronzers. This solution utilizes micro-nutrient technology to deliver a spray tan filled with a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants for a perfect boost to your client's skin color. The tan will develop into a light bronze glow.

  • Clear Plus: Develops into a light to medium shade, sprays on clear, works with all skin types, creating a customized shade of tan for each individual client.​Perfect for clients worried about getting the bronzer on their outfit! This tan does not have an instant bronzer added so the tan will develop 24 hours later.

  • Venetian: The unique combination of violet bronzers blends with all skin tones to produce a medium tan with instant bronzers. 

  • Cosmo: With its unique blend of our two most popular and top performing shades, Norvell Venetian and Dark! Cosmo will work with your base skin color to give you a medium to dark tan with instant bronze.

  • Venetian Plus: Deeper violet and brown tone with instant bronzers plus a darker DHA sunless result, as compared to original Venetian spray. Compliments all skin tones to produce the deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan yet

What is rapid rinse tanning? 

  • Rapid tanning is perfect for clients who dislike the tackiness of a spray tan. After 1-3 hours rinse off in a warm shower - 1 hour for a light bronze color, 2 hours for a medium bronze color, and 3 hours for a dark bronze color. The full tan will develop 24 hours after rinsing with the convenience of a quicker rinse off time. This means you will feel pale after rinsing, but the tan will develop again!

​Other Add On's (No extra cost): Your spray tan artist can customize your spray tan by adding in the following:

  • DHA Drops: Deeper, darker tan

  • Shimmer Drops: Golden shimmer to give your skin an extra glow.

  • Finishing Powder: Get a full body powder finish to help you feel dry and not sticky.

  • Prep Spray: Full body spray that gets your skin at the right pH level for the tan to develop to full color.

  • Sticky Feet: Protective feet barriers that keep your soles clean and spray tan free.

  • Hair Caps & Nose Plugs: Use to protect your hair color and nose from the spray tan.

  • Nail Clean Up: Your artist will clean your nails and palms so no color stains them. 

We can use any solution on you at your request! If you have a favorite one you don't see listed above, contact Amanda of Golden Goddess to request a brand. Customer happiness is our #1 goal! That's part of what makes us Charlotte's BEST spray tanning service!

Spray tan color spectrum
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