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What is mobile spray tanning? How does it work in Charlotte, NC?

Updated: Jul 9

best spray tan in charlotte nc
The owner, Amanda, Golden Goddess Mobile Spray Tans

Mobile spray tanning is an unique and upscale service that provides an airbrush tan in the comfort of your own home. Your spray tan artist will bring all the necessary equipment to airbrush you by hand including a pop-up tent, spray tan machine, and various colors. Pictured here is Amanda of Golden Goddess Mobile Spray Tans with her set up in Charlotte, NC.

Mobile tanning is a luxury service that gives you a custom tan that matches your skin tone. No orange machine tans here and that's why mobile is the BEST kind of spray tanning. You will also gain personal glow assistant to help you prep, pose during the appointment, and maintain your spray tan for best results. If you have ever seen the Friends episode where Ross tries to spray tan then you know spray tanning on your own can be tricky. ;)

Not only is mobile tanning an upscale experience, but it's also super convenient. In the days of getting Ubers, Amazon deliveries, and DoorDash, mobile tanning comes to you to give you a beautiful glow. Your time is valuable, and you don't have to waste time sitting in traffic going to a tanning salon. Once your spray tan artist arrives, the whole process from set up to clean up takes 15-30 minutes! That's quicker than self-tanning or tanning in the salons. This in-home kind of service is perfect for anyone with young kids, busy jobs, or an important event coming up.

Mobile tanning is the best kind of service that provides a great, quick tan! Call/text Amanda of Golden Goddess Mobile Spray Tans to book your appointment today at (980)-819-1327.

swimsuit model with spray tan charlotte nc
Try a spray tan in Charlotte with Golden Goddess!


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